What is GIV3?

GIV3 is a movement to encourage more Canadians to be more giving.The movement stands on three pillars:

               Giving, Inspiring others and Volunteering.

We are not asking for donations from Canadians. Instead, we encourage everybody to be more giving by volunteering and donating to registered charities of their choice. GIV3 engages Canadian charities and the public in activities to encourage more giving, inspiring and volunteering:


The Great Canadian Giving Challenge

The Philanthropic Conversation

The Billion Dollar Opportunity

GIV3 is a privately-registered Canadian charitable foundation (CRA #896499464RR0001).

Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our vision is a greater level of giving behaviour so that charities will have ample access to funding as well as a highly engaged volunteer workforce.

Our mission is to encourage more Canadians to be more giving, through active charity partnerships and public outreach campaigns.

Our strategy is to teach and encourage Canadians to give a little more and feel great about giving. We are asking Canadians to give a little more money, volunteer a little more time and inspire friends, family and community to get involved.