What is GIVGroups?

GIVGroups is a place where Canadian charities, companies, and individuals come together to support charitable causes.  It is about matching challenges and multiplying the good of donors.  Our mission is to engage everyone in greater philanthropy to support the many people and things which need our help.

How does it work?

Companies pledge matching donations (challenges) for charitable causes which are triggered when enough individuals join the various GIVGroups (by pledging a nominal amount and encouraging their family and friends to join the challenge).  When a pre-determined donation goal (dollars or number of donors) is met by the closing date, the corporate sponsor’s matching donation is made. In short, the sponsoring company is setting a challenge for Canadians to join the GIVGroup, by the deadline, to trigger their matching pledge.  This way, everyone can multiply their good knowing there is matching donation.

Where does my money go?

Your donation goes directly to the charity you are supporting in the specific GIVGroups you wish to join.

Are there transaction fees?  How much?

Yes.  Our service providers charge a payment and process service fee (less than 5%). This fee is deducted from your donation by default.  If you wish to cover the service charge that the charity would otherwise lose, simply check the appropriate box on the payment page and we’ll adjust your donation by the extra few percent so all 100% of the intended donation gets to the charity.


Who are the GIVGroups sponsors?

The GIVGroups sponsors are Canadian businesses (or perhaps foundations) who are committed to supporting the various specific charities.  Any company can get involved.  To learn more about becoming a sponsor check out our sponsorship information page.


What charities participate?

For a list of participating charities go to the find a campaign section.  Any registered Canadians charity can join and create a GIVGroup challenge. To learn more about becoming a participating charity in a new GIVGroup check out our charity information page.


What if the target donation isn’t met?

If the target donation is not met, the sponsor company can choose to:

  • Extend the timeframe for the campaign;
  • Make a pro-rated donation to the charity;
  • Withdraw their pledge entirely; or
  • Make the donation anyway.

The donations made by individuals will still be processed and donated to the charity regardless.


Can I get a tax receipt?  From whom?

Yes.  All donors will automatically receive a tax receipt electronically, by email.  Your tax receipt will be issued by The GIV3 Foundation (a registered charity and owner/administrator of this GIVGroups website)

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments.

Is it secure?

Yes.  Our payment page is delivered in a secure browser window.


Who ”owns” GIVGroups?  Who is the GIV3 Foundation?

The GIV3 Foundation is a privately-registered Canadian charity (CRA #896499464RR0001).  We have one focus: to encourage more Canadians to be more charitable.  The initial program started in 2008 with the GIV3 initiative, and this has expanded to also include GIVGroups.  GIV3 and GIVGroups are not separate charities.  These are initiatives owned and managed by The GIV3 Foundation.


What is GIV3?

GIV3 is a campaign for giving, started in 2008, to encourage Canadians to give 3% of their income and to volunteer 3 hours a month to any charitable or non-profit organizations of their choice.   This is what we should be giving.  Find out how we arrived at these levels, and try our donation calculator today to find your suggested donation target on our web site www.GIV3.ca.


Will you share my personal information?

By default, your name and email address will be provided to the charity that you have chosen to support.  And it will not be shared with any other third party.  If you wish to opt out of communications from your chosen charity or from us, please check the ‘opt out’ box on the payment confirmation page.  Personal information collected in order to process tax receipts will be held securely by The GIV3 Foundation and our payment process service providers.  No personal information will ever be shared with other outside parties. We value your participation and interest and do not wish to compromise that.


Why can’t I find my GIVGroup?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to find a particular GIVGroup:

  • The challenge has finished.  To get details for a completed challenge (within the past 24 months) choose the option to see closed challenges on the “All GIVGroups” link page.
  • The GIVGroup hasn’t launched or was cancelled by the charity before any donations were made.  For more information, contact the charity directly.
  • You might have the GIVGroup name wrong.  Try broader search terms or simply search for the charity name instead of the specific GIVGroup.

If you’re still having trouble, please contact us.


My favourite charity isn’t listed.  How can I get them involved?

To download a flyer that you can send to your favourite charity telling them how they can benefit by running a GIVGroups challenge, go to our charity information page.


Can I cancel my donation to a GIVGroup.ca challenge?

Once your donation payment has been processed, and a tax receipt issued, it cannot be reversed.

Can someone give more than once to the same GIVGroup challenge?

Yes.  You can donate as many times as you wish.  However, for sponsor pledges that are triggered by the number of donors, you will still only count as one participant.

Can someone join more than one GIVGroup at the same time?

Yes.  You can participate in and donate to as many GIVGroups as you wish.


What if the GIVGroup challenge number is met before the deadline?

As soon as the challenge number is met, the sponsor donation is made to the charity.  Sponsors may choose to pledge an additional amount for higher participation levels.

Can we give more than the suggested donation amount?

Yes, and this will certainly be appreciated by the respective charities you wish to support.  The donation level to join a GIVGroup challenge is set at a low level to encourage participation, but clearly a bigger gift (of any size) will make a bigger difference.  On the payment page you will have the option to enter your own amount as long as it’s more than the minimum donation set for that campaign.

Can we give directly to the charities without going through GIVGroups.ca?

Sure.  However, by giving through GIVGroups you multiply the value of your donation by encouraging others and by helping reach (and triggering) the sponsor’s matching donation.  Your donation is subject only to typical credit card processing fees (which are likely present via any online donation channel) – everything else goes directly to the charity.  We do not take a percentage of your donation.

Who/How can someone set up a new GIVGroup challenge?

To download a flyer that explains how charities and companies can benefit by running a GIVGroups challenge, go to our charity information page.

Why do you want my birth date?

Plain and simple! We wish to send you a birthday greeting because charity is all about the people.  That is all!  And this is why we do not ask for your year of birth or gender.