For Charities & Sponsors

For Charities

  • Do you represent a charity that would like to run your own GIVGroup challenge?
  • Or are you an individual that would like to organize a GIVGroup challenge for your favourite charity?
  • To learn more about how you can get involved, download this brochure or contact us at


For Sponsors

Multiply Your Good

Does your company already donate to Canadian Charities?
Or might you be considering doing so?
“GIVGroups” leverages your charitable donation without having to increase your budgeted
amounts. You also continue to choose and control your charitable giving. We simply want
to build a greater good, for no extra cost, while also giving you some “corporate social
responsibility” benefits. That is a win for you, and a win for the charities of your choice.


Your support will…
  • Lead to an Increase in the dollars received by the charities you support via a “matching gift” challenge to Canadians.
  • Help those charities engage more donors and expand its presence.
  • Showcase your company’s charitable activity, and show to others your leadership and social conscience.
Here’s how it works:
  • Your company pledges the same donation you would normally make, to the same charity(ies).
  • The charity launches a GIVGroup “challenge” to engage donors through the website.
  • The charity encourages donors and friends to visit the particular
  • GIVGroups ‘challenge’ and join the group to get counted. You may also wish to inform and challenge your employees, customers, suppliers, and/or friends to do the same. One can join the challenge for as little as a $5 donation.
  • People are also encouraged to tell their family and friends, to meet the goal (say, for example, 2000 donors) by the target date, to trigger your donation to the charity. This multiplies your good, while giving a reason for people to spread the word to meet the challenge.
  • On the respective GIVGroup challenge, your logo and brief message will be shown
  • There is no cost to you or the charity to participate.