Granny’s Club

Watch this story about one cool Granny who taught a generation how to be caring, connected and charitable.

GIV3 was inspired by our founder’s Granny, who taught all of her 24 grandchildren about their responsibility to help those in need with a birthday gift that had strings attached. On their 21st birthdays they were each given some money, but it was not for the grandchildren. They each had to donate the money to charities of their choice and write a summary note back to their grandparents on which charities they chose, and why. After they had made their report, they received a matching amount of money to keep for themselves. This was a way for Granny to teach the next generation about the importance of giving, and to help her grandchildren learn to feel great giving.

Want to start your own Birthday Club and help others feel great giving? There is lots of room for new members and it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose a recipient and a special occasion. You decide the amount – it can be for any age and it doesn’t have to be a birthday. There are no fixed rules when it comes to inspiring the next generation!
  2. Ask your recipient to choose one or more charities – you may want to ask them why they want to support this charity(ies).
  3. Now, you can make the donation or, as an alternative, you can give a CanadaHelps charity gift card and let your recipient manage their own donation. Finally, you can give a matching gift to your recipient.

Need a little help getting started? Download this sample letter and edit to make it your own.