Smart Giving

With all of the best intentions to be charitable, we also need to make sure that our money and effort gets to the causes we intend to support.

Our friends at Imagine Canada provide a very useful Guide to Giving. Check it out for some great suggestions and resources.

Here are a few tips for smart giving…

Check out the charity to make sure it is registered, and thus monitored by the CRA.

Always ask if you will be given an official donation receipt. If you’re a first time donor you are now eligible for the first time donor’s super credit – check here for details.

Once you have checked the legitimacy of the charity, concentrate your donations so you can make a difference, and consider your on-going commitment so the charity can count on you each year. Setting up a monthly donation is a great way to do this. Ask your favourite charity about monthly giving or find out more here.

Become proactive. Be a partner with your selected charities. Learn more about them and see if you can help in other ways. Consider including them in your annual budget and in your will if you have one. Find out more about planned giving here.